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Newton Graphing Calculator

2D 3D Graphing & Scientific Calculator.
Live preview, step-by-step, anywhere.

Plot 2D Graph, Symbolic root of quadratic function, Derivative
Plot 3D Graph, Symbolic partial derivative
Complex number + Numerical evaluation
Track coordinates, Curve intersection, Newton-Raphson method, custom keyboard
Arbitrary implicit surface, 3D curve, multiplot of surface
Implicit curve, Contour plot, Partical derivative, Polar plot

Why this app?
We believe that calculating or drawing graph should be as intuitive as handwriting, without overhead in user input and complex syntax. For example, normally we write "sin2x" on paper, but input "sin(2*x)" in a calculator. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just input "sin2x" in a calculator?

Newton Graphing Calculator draws 2D curve and 3D surface by math input like handwriting. With our innovative parser, math syntax is as simple as when you write it on your note. 2D or 3D graph is recognized automatically by number of unknown variables, through our powerful symbolic math engine. After plotting, you can find function roots, track coordinates, pan or zoom 2D graph; draw contour, zoom or rotate 3D graph to view from all angles seamlessly by hand gesture.

Newton Graphing Calculator comes with custom keyboard, high quality axis label, function legend, color picker and formatted math formula ready for productive use. Resulting graph and math formula can be sent by email to put into homework, shared with friend on Facebook, Line or Google+.

Newton Graphing Calculator features numerical calculator with step by step solution (Pro version only), and live preview while inputting. Last session input is replayed upon start up.

- Require media access permission, to store captured graph for sharing
- Full feature as professional version, but with demo stamp (except sample)

• Plot explicit function e.g. y=sin2x+2cosx
• Plot implicit function e.g. sin(x2+y)=exp(-xy)
• Plot parametric function e.g. x=sin2t/(1+t2)   y=cos2t/(1+t2)
• Plot polar function e.g. r=1+2cosθ
• Plot multiple functions e.g. f=3sint/(1+t2)   g=2cost/(1+t2)
• Plot multiple parametric functions
• Support discontinuity e.g. y=tanx
• Variable name can be any symbol including Greek symbol

• Plot explicit function e.g. z=2sinx/(1+y2)
• Plot implicit function e.g. x2+y2+z2=1
• Plot contour curve of explicit function e.g. z=2sinx/(1+y2)
• Plot parametric function e.g. x=sinv cosu   y=sinv sinu   z=cosv
• Plot multiple functions e.g. f=cosu sinv   g=ucosv
• Plot multiple parametric functions
• Plot 3D curve x(t)   y(t)   z(t)
• Variable name can be any symbol including Greek symbol

• Derivative e.g. y=sin2x -> y' = 2cos2x
• Complex number e.g. (2i+1)(3i-1) ln(3i+4)
• Algebra, complex number, polynomial, rational function, 2D and 3D space, Newton-Raphson method
• Scientific : pow sqrt root3 root4 abs exp log ln
• Trigonometric : sin cos tan cot asin acos atan acot
• Hyperbolic : sinh cosh tanh coth